The very first blog.

If you are reading this then it’s true my website Sarah Pym Art is finally up to date. Hooray! All the years of planning, through a major relocation in 2019, and two tough years of Covid. Settling into North Yorkshire and setting up my studio once again are behind me and I’m pleased to announce that Sarah Pym Art is now live and good to go. I hope that you are as excited as I am while you read this. Be prepared for riot of colour and a journey of energy, flow and I’ve always been a creative, since I was a child I’ve always made things and always to a very high standard. Cooking and sewing came first, and twice I almost got on the Great British Bake Off, and yes I did get to meet Mary and Paul.  

Over the years I’ve made and sold greeting cards from textiles, designed more kitchens and gardens, than I like to admit to, and after far too many house moves developed a real flair for interior design. I frequently bake, cook, sew, knit, and crochet for my family.Nevertheless, the little voice inside my head would never be stilled and just got louder and louder. The constant chatter was always the same: ” Paint, paint, paint… ” for a long time I ignored it owing to the fact that a teacher told me, when I was about nine, that I was rubbish at drawing, and spent all her time with, as she told the rest of us, the ‘talented children’. Inspite of this put down the cardboard box models I helped to design and make, whose eyes lit up when we joined their hands together, appeared on Blue Peter, a treasured children’s programme made by the BBC. After reading my Junior School reports in 2019, which may parents had faithfully kept, I discovered that I’d actually been entered for a Schools Art Competition with a Halloween picture, that a different art teacher had enthused about. I had no memory of this at all and was delighted to find my creativity and love of colour was active even back then.

2014 was a very dark time in my family’s life and to escape for a few hours I booked myself in for a workshop in Ludlow with Diane Jennings, simply as an escape. Her classes were called ‘Painting My Way’ and she showed her students how to paint a picture as she did, step by step. I came home with a passable copy of her work, complete with my own embellishments, however the greatest benefit was in what working with the colour and whole experience had done for me. For a whole day I completely forgot about anything other than paint and colour, and I lost myself in the process. It was an absolute revelation, and something I’ve hung on to ever since that day, and since developed into a new way of life.

For a while chances to paint were few and far between, and I managed a couple more workshops, but instinctively I knew I wasn’t learning what I wanted or fast enough. Since these initial efforts with Diane, who became a great friend, I continued to experiment with all sorts of mediums, whilst seeking out the best teachers I could find for the level I was at. It was interesting to find that sometimes what I thought I’d really enjoy I found really challenging. I stuck at various projects, even if they were tough because I always learned something from the process. As my proficiency and understanding of colours and mediums grew so did my confidence and my experiments became more daring and as my art practice developed so did my Collectors from all over the UK, Canada, the USA, and Australia. In 2018 i retuned to my maiden name having previously painted as Sarah Birchall. 

I now work in a variety of mediums: wax, oils, inks and acrylics on many different surfaces. Experimenting is what gets me into the Sarah Pym Art studio whenever I can.

I sell both Sarah Pym Art originals and prints and I am currently working on developing this website and other social media channels to promote them. Canvas (ready to hang) prints are also available as are traditional prints. Metal prints will also be available, prices on request. 

The website will continue further development and additional products will be added to the range. Please kindly note that all the Sarah Pym Art prints and other unique items are printed to order.