Colour is food for the soul, my soul and yours. My work is primarily about colour, energy and emotion. I lose myself completely in the creating of each piece, answering a call deep from within me which persistently told me to paint. When the time was finally right I answered the call, and I found my heaven on earth.

After a lifetime in farming I find I’m naturally drawn towards nature for inspiration, and  on further on towards abstract expressionism. I love being outdoors where I both consciously and unconsciously soak up the colours, shapes and forms.

I work in mixed media, on a variety of surfaces, revelling in the uniqueness of each media and their effects, often mixing them up together. Acrylic paints and inks, alcohol inks, waxes, and oils all form part of my ever expanding portfolio. Experimenting is what makes me get up and go into the studio every day.

The combinations of the colours, and the flow of each piece are full of energy. Initially, when I first started to paint in 2014, it was a blessed release at a difficult time in my life, and this soon changed into the sheer joy each piece brings to me and my collectors. Colour speaks to me and it makes my heart sing.

I’m currently finalising a huge solo exhibition, a powerful series of intuitive artworks which will be exhibited at Rural Arts in Thirsk from May 6 – 20 2022. This powerful series fits neatly with my work as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Coach.

I believe this vibrant and exciting show will stimulate, shock, engage and allow the viewers to really feel their emotions and notice what they are feeling as they look at each piece. All the originals are for sale and prints from the exhibition are available to order through this website from May 21st 2022.

 Artwork on the right: ‘Resilience’, from the ‘Can I See My Feelings’ Exhibition. Oil Sticks on rough handmade paper.